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The Gamechangers fund raising campaign supports kids diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and is fueled by kids who want to help. This sports-inspired program gives them the opportunity to have a hand in reaching Team Joseph’s goal of finding a cure. Gamechangers spread awareness and collect spare change for scientific research that will give these children another chance at a strong life.

We hope you will bring the Gamechangers fundraising campaign into your school, and that your students will want to make a big difference. Duchenne is an aggressive form of muscular dystrophy diagnosed in early childhood. Sadly, it causes the loss of muscle function at a catastrophic rate. While most kids are growing stronger and participating in sports, kids with Duchenne are losing their ability to play sports, to walk, to carry their backpacks and to hug their friends. We are going to change that.

Here’s how it works:

Students collect money over a two-week period. The money can come from friends and neighbors, lemonade stands, allowances, under the couch cushions or anywhere else spare change is hiding. Through this simple action, students help Team Joseph fund critical research and have the joy of knowing that they’re changing lives.

It’s really easy:

Team Joseph provides everything your school needs to run the program, including:
* Individual collection boxes and a letter home for each student
* Inspirational video to fire up your team of Gamechangers
* Prizes and incentives for classrooms and your school
* Poster and other ideas for motivating your Gamechangers
* Individual support for your school from a Team Joseph “coach”

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