Defeat Duchenne



Since we launched the Duchenne Family Assistance Program in partnership with Little Hercules Foundation late last year, we have quickly gained a deeper understanding of how many families and children need help.


Recently, John and Rachel Replogle’s 16-year-old son George suffered a catastrophic fall out of his wheelchair while riding the bus home from school. Because George’s seat belt on his wheelchair was not secured when the driver stopped suddenly, George was catapulted out of his chair, resulting in two broken femurs and life-threatening fat-embolism syndrome. George was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center where he was put on the highest level of life support. He was unresponsive for weeks and had to undergo numerous surgeries, precariously hanging onto life.


While George’s medical team fought to keep him alive, his family stayed by his side, leaving everything at home in Ventura. Both his dad, an auto shop owner, and his stepmom, a gifted musician, are self-employed and had no choice but to choose George over work.



“Financially, things were not easy for us before, but suddenly we needed lodging, meals and clothing as we left our home with next to nothing. We absolutely had to be present and actively advocating for George during this time. There were critical decisions to be made, consent to be given and questions to be answered about George’s medical history as they fought to save his life. We had to stay in Westwood within walking distance of the hospital, in one of the most expensive parts of Los Angeles.” – Rachel Sedaca Replogle, George’s stepmom




Donor Support

Because of the support of our donors, we were able to pay for lodging so John and Rachel could be with their son at UCLA, and we covered a month of rent on their home so they could take care of him before returning to work. Stories like George’s are all too common in the world of Duchenne. When a family is facing the unthinkable, they should never have to choose between their child and paying bills.


Your gift today will allow families to take the best care of their children and young adults battling Duchenne, offering comfort and tangible support in the most stressful situations.


Just a few weeks ago, John and Rachel were able to move George home, but their needs will continue and the future for George remains unknown. There are thousands of kids like George whose lives turn on a dime and whose families need your continued help.


Will you be a part of their journey?

Your financial gift gives critical support to families, allowing them to get to the best clinics for specialized Duchenne care, as well as helping with lodging, emergency financial assistance and basic equipment needs in order to take care of their child. Our boys with Duchenne are so brave, but their needs are great. They need you to be their hero.


Thank you!
I’m so grateful for your support,


Founder & Joseph’s mom