You can help us Defeat Duchenne

Meet Jordan

He was diagnosed with ­Duchenne muscular dystrophy at age 3 – a cruel and brutal disease that will eventually steal his ability to do the simplest of things like walk to class or go on long walks with his mom.

I’m writing to you today to ask for your help….. not for me, but for Jordan and boys like him. Jordan’s parents, Laura and Jeff, imagined their toddler son conquering all the typical physical milestones, as his sisters before him did.

“Just before Jordan’s fourth birthday, we became concerned that he wasn’t growing at the rate he should be. The doctors ran test after test, and then one night we got the call. ‘Have you ever heard of muscular dystrophy?’ We were devastated.”

– Jordan’s mom

Overnight Laura became a near expert on the disease and was scared to death. The next day, Jordan’s neurologist clinically diagnosed him with what tests would confirm. Sweet little Jordan had Duchenne, a form of muscular dystrophy that would rob him of the ability to walk, run, jump and play. A brutal disease that would likely put Jordan in a wheelchair in his teens, before attacking his heart and lungs by his early twenties.

What would you do if your smart, energetic four-year-old son was diagnosed with a disease that didn’t have a cure, and had only a handful of clinical treatments in development? A cruel disease that would steal his ability to walk to class, play football or lift a slice of pizza?

Jordan is more fortunate than most. For the past 32 weeks, this courageous little boy has been traveling to Chicago to take part in a clinical trial. The hardest part for Jordan is the needles. The hardest part for his parents is the waiting. Waiting to see if the infusions will slow the devastating effects of Duchenne. Waiting for the next cutting-edge treatment researchers will develop. Waiting to see if a medical breakthrough will be in time to save now eight-year-old Jordan.

Help Jordan now, before he loses the ability to walk. Walk side-by-side with him and boys like him, by giving your most generous gift to find treatments or a life-saving cure. Walk with these boys who dream of growing up to become firemen, doctors, and rock stars.

Thanks to the generosity of the US LBM Foundation, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $60,000. Your compassionate gift will have twice the impact if you take action by December 31st. Please give now.


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Team Joseph founder & Joseph’s mom

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