You can help us Defeat Duchenne

Meet Joseph

He was diagnosed with ­Duchenne muscular dystrophy at age 5 – a cruel and brutal disease.


I’m writing to you today to ask for your help. Not for myself, but for my Joseph and boys like him.

As Joseph’s mother, there are sobering moments when I nearly buckle under the reality that we can’t escape Duchenne. The first time I had that feeling was the moment the neurologist delivered my 5-year-old son’s diagnosis:

“Your son has Duchenne,” was followed by a list of frightening predictions like “heart failure” and “loss of ambulation” and “ventilator.”

Joseph is now 15. The progression of Duchenne has been incremental and heartbreaking. The physical losses are constant – each one more significant than the last. At first, I was devastated that Joseph was never able to ride a bike. And while in that moment it was overwhelming, each heartbreaking loss faded in comparison to the impact of what came next.

Although Joseph was never able to run more than a few steps, now that he has completely lost the ability to walk – I would give anything to have those days back. Our fight with Duchenne has become a marathon. But thanks to you, we don’t run alone.

My greatest hope is that we’ll find a treatment for Joseph, and he’ll continue to bravely approach life with his happy, contagious enthusiasm. You can help us finish strong by giving generously.

You can help us find a treatment in time to save Joseph. You’ve already helped researchers develop treatments that are in clinical trials and showing promise for other boys like Joseph. We can’t give up the fight now!

You can help save our boys with your most generous gift before time runs out. Now more than ever, we need you to help accelerate promising research to find treatments for Joseph. Lifesaving treatments for other sons, brothers, grandsons, nephews and best friends with Duchenne.

Thanks to the generosity of the US LBM Foundation, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $60,000. Your compassionate gift will have twice the impact if you take action by December 31st. Please give now.

With deepest gratitude,




Team Joseph founder & Joseph’s mom

P.S. Your gift can help Duchenne families share more holidays, celebrate more birthdays, and create more memories. Please give.