The Inspiration

Joseph Penrod was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy when he was 5 years old.  Although a diagnosis can be overwhelming, and a disease of this magnitude can begin to define a child, Joseph has led the way with a positive attitude and a love of life.

He will not be defined by this disease. Joseph is not only a little boy with Duchenne.  He is a son, a brother, a cousin, a grandson. He is a soccer-player, a snuggler and his dog’s ball thrower. He is a sand-castle building, chocolate-chip-cookie-eating, sledding daredevil.  He is a reader, a dreamer and a hugger. Joseph is a singer, a laugher and a guitar-player. He is funny, charming and compassionate.  He is the best kind of friend.  He the inspiration for our fight.He will not

Hope for Joseph and all the other children with Duchenne is fueled by his positive attitude, a mom on a mission and an army of committed volunteers who will not quit until the day there is a cure.

A Mom on a Mission:

When Marissa’s son Joseph was diagnosed with Duchenne in 2008, and she was told there is no cure, she let herself cry for about a day. Then Marissa started researching, reading and educating family and friends. She began fundraising and advocating. Within one year, she founded Team Joseph, fueled by an army of committed voluneers, as a tax-exempt organization to fund cutting edge research. She is a mom on a mission who will not quit until the day there is a cure for her own son and the thousands of other children battling Duchenne.