Duchenne Family Assistance Program

Equipment/Travel/Education Assistance

It has always been our primary mission at Team Joseph to fund promising research that will result in treatments for all boys and young men battling Duchenne. When we work smart, leverage each dollar and work in close partnership with scientists, drug development companies, and other foundations, there is the promise for an end to Duchenne.

In the meantime, while we fight for the future for these boys, we are committed to being there for them and helping their families right now, in the present moment. This commitment has led to our development of the Duchenne Family Assistance Program.

Caring for a child or young adult with Duchenne can be overwhelming. As advances in care result in an increase in the life expectancy of Duchenne patients, the long-term cost of care increases as well. Likewise, many parents must decrease work hours in order to care for their child, and those parents themselves are also aging, thus increasing the burden of care – financially, emotionally and physically.

The goal of the Duchenne Family Assistance Program is simple — To provide support related to the care of a child with Duchenne in order to ensure the best care and to ease the strain on families. Assistance will include, but is not limited to, equipment (scooters, manual wheelchairs, shower chairs, etc.), accessible ramps, transportation to clinic visits (fares for car/van service, train fare, gas cards), vehicle modifications, and home modifications.

The process is simple.  Just fill out the application and return it to us by mail or email.  If you have questions, please email Dorene Pulgini at dorene@teamjoseph.org.

Assistance with access to treatments

Have you been denied access to any FDA-approved treatment and need assistance with appeals? Our partners at Little Hercules Foundation can provide you with one-on-one case management services to assist you in the appeals process, regardless of whether you receive health care coverage through Medicaid, private health plan, or both. Click here to access their online application and someone will contact you to help.