Climbing Mountains

There aren’t a lot of people who make the commitment, take the risk, and find the courage to climb a mountain. The training is tough, and the actual climb is treacherous, but I hear the view from the top makes it all worthwhile.  I’ve never had an inclination to put “climb a mountain” at the top of my bucket list, but about a year ago, during a conversation about Duchenne and our fight for a treatment, a friend commented that trying to fix Duchenne is “quite a mountain you’re climbing.” Quietly and privately, I added “climb a mountain” to my bucket list.

Two weeks ago, I had a revelation about climbing this mountain – it was the kind of revelation that was so profound and so complete that it seeped into my soul and became a part of what I believe… a part of what I know for sure. I was peeking out from behind the curtains backstage at Jammin’ for Joseph, and I paused just for a minute to really pay attention to how many people were in the crowd.

Jammin 2013There were faces I recognized and knew so well and others I was seeing for the first time. There were people who’d been to every concert for five years, and some who were joining us for the first time. There were those who were there for the music and those who were there for the cause. What I saw mostly clearly in the sea of faces was a collective group of mountain climbers, and I knew I wasn’t scaling the Duchenne mountain alone.

Every single person in the audience, every single volunteer, every musician and stagehand helped pull off this event, and we are proud to call you part of the Team.  Step by step we will continue to fight our way to the top with your support.  If you were a part of this amazing night in any way, thank you!  You are paving the way for treatments so children with Duchenne have a chance to defeat this disease and chase their dreams.

Every person in the Fillmore theatre, every sponsor, every restaurant who donated food, every musician who shared their gift represented a step up the mountain. Every single person, every single effort, every single ticket purchased and donation made contributed to more than 1,000 people in the theatre and $50,000 raised.

We are thrilled and inspired by the commitment of so many – and we’re grateful to have you all on the Team!  Someday soon, we’ll be standing at the top together, looking out at a world in which Duchenne has been defeated, and that will make the climb and every step it took to get there so worthwhile.