Making Strides for our Children through a ‘Boy of Summer’

tigers caravan 2012 030

In recent days who wasn’t riveted to the television or radio (if not watching live from Comerica Park) and the perseverance of our Detroit Tigers as they battled through another pennant winning season. And while those of us in Detroit no doubt hoped for a different final outcome, there’s no denying the incredible physical and emotional efforts put forth as they ground it out through another grueling 162 game season. Once again we were partial to cheering on pitcher Rick Porcello, who continues to give his all in the fight to strike out Duchenne.

Team Joseph’s “Strike Out Duchenne” fundraising campaign with Rick recently wrapped up its 2013 season with great success. For the second straight year, the goal of raising $20,000 to fund medical research was met, with $10,000 coming from a personal match by Rick. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed and cheered on Team Joseph!

Our valued relationship with Rick Porcello and, in turn, the Detroit Tigers, actually began in 2011 when, through a mutual friend, he met the Van Houtens and their son Kyle, who suffers from Duchenne. After hosting the family at a game, Rick asked how else he could help and soon was serving as honorary chair at Team Joseph’s annual wine tasting fundraiser. The relationship has continued to grow and flourish due to Rick’s unique generosity and involvement; this, at a time when he could easily and justifiably be focusing entirely on his burgeoning career.

There’s a bittersweet contrast between a major league pitcher whose job is to use his physical prowess and our Duchenne children who lose strength and agility daily. Rick Porcello has always said that he considers himself blessed with the ability to perform to the best of his physical abilities. We are so incredibly grateful that he uses those gifts and his visibility in the community to make a difference in our fight against Duchenne.

His inspiring generosity and the generosity of every person who participated in this campaign are powerful reminders that every effort, every dollar, every supporter, every medical advance is making a difference. Together, we will defeat Duchenne.